Newbies Evening at the Kawerau Bowling Club

Join us at the Kawerau Bowling club for our Newbies meet and greet whether you are new to Kawerau or have been here awhile. 

Bring along a friend or two and some niblles to share. 

We look forward to seeing you there!!! 



20 February 2015

Grants and Funding

Local Arts Funding Scheme

Kawerau District Council administers the Creative Communities Scheme, which is funded by Creative New Zealand. Creative New Zealand is a central government agency and is New Zealand's main organisation for funding of the arts. The purpose of the Creative Communities Scheme is to increase participation in arts in the Kawerau District and increase the range and diversity of arts available to Communities.

Who May Apply
You can apply for funding through Creative New Zealand as long as your project meets all of the following:

  • Has an arts or cultural focus
  • Takes place within the Kawerau District and/or benefit the District
  • Meets at least one of the three funding criteria (listed below)
  • Benefits local Communities
  • Has not started before an application or funding is assessed
  • Has not been funded by Creative New Zealand for the same purpose

Creative New Zealand has three funding criteria for this scheme. They are:

1. Projects that increase active participation in the arts
2. Projects that increase the range and diversity of arts available, and
3. Projects that enhance and strengthen the local arts sector

For further information on this grant download the Creative Communities Scheme (CCS) Application Guide   276 Kb.

Funding Available
Council receives $10,454.00 per year from Creative New Zealand and the average grant made is usually less than $2,000. If you need to apply for a grant over $5,000 you should consider discussing your project with Creative New Zealand to see if it qualifies for national funding.

Applications for Funding
The next funding round closes on 2 March 2015. Applicants will be required to complete a CCS application form Application Form   and complete an accountability form Accountability Form  at the end of the project. All applications will be treated as confidential by Council. For a list of frequently asked questions and answers please click FAQs

Applications for funding must be submitted in writing and ensure that:

  • Every question on the application form has been answered.
  • All your figures add up.
  • You have attached a current financial statement or a balance sheet.
  • You have attached evidence of endorsement from local affiliated clubs.

For further information please contact the Administration Assistant at the Council Office 3069009

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