Kawerau smoke-free zones expand
28 August 2015
Kawerau smoke-free zones expand

SMOKING within 10 metres of school entrances could be banned in Kawerau by the end of September.

Kawerau District Council adopted a new draft smoke-free public places policy on Tuesday which would prevent smoking on public footpaths near a school’s main entrance.

The policy is open for public consultation until September 20, then final amendments will be made and the policy will be adopted on September 25.

Other changes include adding Kawerau Cemetery to the list of reserves and public spaces where smoking is banned.

Encouraging people to refrain from smoking in outdoor public places and events was added to the policy objectives and the council playing a greater leadership role was added to the policy’s principles.

The council’s policy statement was also changed to include the goal of making the town smoke-free by 2025.

Within its own operation Kawerau District Council plans to implement smoke-free employment policies to restrict smoking staff to designated areas and promote quit smoking programmes.

Policy analyst and strategic planner Sandra Haines said she had spoken to the principals of Tarawera High School and Te whata tau o Putauaki School.

She said they were both positive about establishing smoke-free zones outside their school entrances.

Councillor Faylene Tunui was concerned smokers would notice all the smoke-free areas and choose to light up anyway because they did not know where they could smoke.

She suggested assigning areas around the town where smoking was allowed and indicating their location with signs.

Kawerau Mayor Malcolm Campbell said the changes to the policy were a brave and positive move by the council for their community.

The policy will be reviewed again in a year.


Source: Whakatane Beacon


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